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tv   Today  NBC  April 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. fast and furious. st. louis picks up the pieces after a tornado with winds as high as 200 miles an hour rips apart the city's main airport and sends people running for their lives. as the city surveys the devastation, there are dangerous new storms to tell you about. star player stabbed. the wide receiver with a $50 million contract is rushed to the hospital after police say his wife attacked him with a kitchen knife. it's the latest off field incident surrounding this troubled athlete. and five to go. days, that is. five more days until the royal wedding. london is buzzing with the event of the decade and this morning new details on the ceremony
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including prince william's wedding tribute to princess dian diana. the "today," sunday, april 24, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm jenna wolfe. >> and i'm carl quintanilla in for lester. happy easter, everyone. this is the scene at the vatican where pope benedict is holding sunday mass. over 100,000 people were in the square this morning and we're going to have a lot more from the vatican in just a few minutes. >> traffic nightmare. also coming up, the cleanup begins in st. louis and the images from yesterday's storm are just incredible. especially from the main airport where security cameras recorded one tornado just absolutely tear right through the terminal. it caused extensive damage and shut down the facility.
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officials are hoping to have most operations at the airport up and running again today. we'll have much more on the cleanup. take a look at the next storm that's developing, the next system that's developing coming through there. >> that's right. and then we'll switch dwers. we're talking about guys. to be honest, some of us wouldn't know kate middleton from kate winslet. this morning willie geist is offering up what we're calling a guy's guide to the royal wedding and, believe me, you'll want to see what willie came up with. >> really? >> yes. >> you wouldn't know kate -- she was just here. why did he ignore her? i guess maybe he's telling the truth. plus, we have a youtube sensation joining thus morning. his name is keenan cahill and with a simple webcam he's turned lip-synching videos into must-see tv. he has millions, and i'm talking millions and millions of fans including some of the biggest names in sports, music and movies. we're going to meet keenan in just a little bit. we were watching him this
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morning. a good story. >> so expressive with his lip sinki i lip-synch lip-synching. the storm slammed into the city of st. louis. mike seidel is live in bridgeton, missouri. mike, good morning. >> reporter: and good morning, jenna. before the twister hit the a airport it touched down here. it was on the ground for 22 miles. this is bridgeton and this is the worst of the damage. ef-4 damage, the house completely obliterated. another sad story. a woman had sold the house and was going to close on it tomorrow. looking down the street, more devastation, a flipped suv. some of these winds could have been 200 miles an hour with an ef-4. a record setting month in april. 345 tornadoes and counting.
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>> get out. >> reporter: the tornado tore through lambert airport friday evening sending passengers in the airport terminal scrambling for cover. pierce winds ripped off the roof on concourse "c," blew out windows and crushed this jetway. some passengers on an airplane had to ride out the storm parked at the gate. >> we were completely pelted with wood and did debris and at this point i realized that i was concerned we would have debris come in through the window of the airplane. so i ducked for cover. >> reporter: the grounded plane became airborne. >> you could feel the plane moving under you. we could see we were lifted. we were parked at the gate. we had been lifted from the gate and moved, 15 to 20 feet from the fwgate. >> reporter: remarkably the tornado cause nod deaths. >> it's stunning. to see the damage here. and what's also stunning is that there weren't more people that
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were hurt. >> reporter: throughout st. louis county, the tornado damaged 750 homes and left 47,000 without power. in maryland heights, just west of the airport, some homes were destroyed. >> two, three to five minutes of pure hell. >> reporter: ron emerged to find his house gone. >> i'm going to go upstairs and see how much damage. there was no upstairs. >> reporter: he and his neighbors gathered to check on each other and collect whatever belongings they could salvage from the mounds of debris. this was yet another tornado in a whirlwind spring of destruction, a string of more than 600 tornadoes that have killed at least 40, injured hundreds, and damaged thousands of homes. in this neighborhood, believe it or not, no one was killed and no one was injured. in this home here the second floor is gone and the residents were on the second floor of the house when the tornado hit. got out the without a scratch and good news this morning, the first plane took off from
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lambert airport. so things are getting back to normal. >> that is good news, mike seidel, thanks. the threat of even more dangerous weather continues this weekend. the weather channel's mike bettes is tracking the storm. good morning to you, jenna. we have that threat for strong storms exists in places like eastern oklahoma, it tulsa, and spreads over to evansville and western kentucky. large threat for severe storm ex it tends from new jersey all the way down through texas where tornadoes again could be a likelihood as well as large hail. millions of people in the line of fire today. also a very large flood threat for many locations across the ohio valley. we'll have a complete look at your forecast coming up in just a little bit. carl? to the war in libya. for the first time since it began, the pentagon confirms that u.s. predator drones were used to strike pro-government targets. nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in benghazi, libya, with the latest. richard, grorng.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. as we've often seen the rebel claims of victories sometimes don't last very long this morning there has been renewed rocket attacks and small arms fire in the city of misrata just hours after rebels said they drove out gadhafi's forces from the center of the city. rebels claimed gadhafi's troops were driven out of misrata, the city liberated after nato intensified air strikes and washington deployed armed predator drones for the first time. misrata is libya's third largest city, just 120 miles from byan city still fully major controlled by cgadhafi's government. but leaving downtown misrata just a new tactic from the libyan colonel? some opposition leaders worry gadhafi forces will simply slip back in in civilian clothing making them more difficult to identify, even with predator
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drones. but even if the games in misrata are real, they say the nato mission remains unclear. >> i don't think we've made up our own minds what we're trying to achieve. are we trying to bring down the gadhafi regime which is not give to do. we could do that in 90 days. the tough part, what do we do when gadhafi is gone? >> reporter: the conflict in libya is quickly becoming overshadowed by an explosion of violence in syria. far more reports of stability in the middle east. on friday the syrian government unleashed one of the deadliest crackdowns since the arab uprising began. amateur video shows what happened when security forces opened fire on tens of thousands of demonstrators reportedly killing around 100. even now the death toll remains unclear. saturday the security forces opened fire again shooting into crowds of mourners killing more
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than a dozen. al jazeera has one of few reporters, rula amin. >> reporter: at the beginning they were asking for just regular reforms. now more people want to topple the regime. >> reporter: two members of syria's parliament have resigned in disgust but so far the government and its security forces appear united and clearly willing to kill their own citizens to remain in power. and, carl, a new development in yet another country in the region. according to a senior yemeni official, the president of 32 years, the u.s. alie would be willing to step down, facing months of protests in exchange for certain concessions including immunity for himself and his family. carl? >> richard engel, thanks. jenna, over to you. carl, thank you. the white house is keeping a very close eye on libya as well as the uprising in syria where
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scores have been killed in the government's brutal crackdown on protesters. for more we're joined by david gregory, moderate aror of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start overseas and start with libya. we heard from richard engel that libya could become a stalemate between gadhafi forces and the rebel forces. what are the political ramifications for the obama administration if that happens and we come to one big stalemate? >> well, it's going to renew questions about what the end game is. what the ultimate mission is. the president has been clear he wants gadhafi to go. there are a lot of people warning this is a civil war that's going to intensify that could lead to a stalemate and now you have the president's top military adviser, admiral mullen, who said over the weekend that appears to be the case. the administration is ramping up support, supplying rebels, also using drone attacks. is this mission laying the groundwork for more support? there are those within nato, morning europe saying it's odd the united states has not taken the lead but that has been the
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administration's position. the critics who say this is an arms length mission are only going to increase. >> let's turn to issues back here at home and mainly the economy. a recent "new york times"/cbs poll shows that 57% of americans disapprove of obama's handling of the economy and the perce percentage of people who think that the economy is getting worse has actually jumped to 13% in the last month. is this all about raising gas prices at this point? >> it is. i talked to white house advisers who say that as much as jobs is a focus, gas prices can be such a determinant of the president's approval rating. it's what people feel every day and as people are driving more, as we get to better weather throughout the country and s summer driving months, it's only going to intensify and you're right. there's just a dark mood about the economy if you think of housing and plummeting values, persistent unemployment and then gas prices, this sense that we're just heading in the wrong direction is a real political red flag for the president.
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>> that same poll shows most americans are unenthusiastic about our list of 2012 republican candidates at this point. we asked you about this week in and week out, one of the flashiest names on the list is donald trump. how serious are his intentions? he's started hiring people for staff. >> talk to go people close to him, he is full steam ahead. unless something comes up, he is prepared to get in this race. he believes he's riding a wave here. he's unapologetic in his criticism of president obama. he knows how to get the attention. he'll do interviews. he'll answer a lot of questions. he's going to be scrutinized more and more. he appears to be getting in. >> david gregory, thank you very much. >> thank you. jeff rossen is over at the news desk with more. good to see both of you. good morning, everyone. happy easter. christians here at home and around the world are celebrating the holiest day on the christian calendar. pope benedict leading mass today
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at the vatican for tens of thousands who packed st. peter's square. in his homily the pontiff called for an end to the fighting in libya. antoine dawson has been arrested for drug possession. his youtube rants about a break-in at his sister's apartment went viral last year. i'm sure you remember this. it catapult this had guy, 20 years old, to the billboard hot 100. police say they pulled him over over and that's when they found marijuana. if you fly the newly merged continental/united airlines, no more discounts even if you prepay the baggage fees. the airline gave passengers a $2 to $3 break for paying online instead of at the counter. the airline just got rid of it. now you'll payed 25 e$25 for tht bag regardless when or wear you pay. good news for gabby giffords.
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the arizona republic is reporting she can walk a little and uses her left side. she has limited use of her right arm and leg. giffords says she plans to walk a mountain when she leaves rehab. for now, though, it's unclear if she'll be able to attend friday's launch of the space shuttle commanded by her husband, mark kelly. that's the news at 14 past the hour. now back to jenna, carl and mike. >> what an incredible recovery. >> how about a sidewalk. she wants to walk a mountain. i mean, that's incredible. good for her. >> she wants to do it, she can probably do it. >> i have no doubt at all. mike bettes is back. good morning. >> still pretty soggy for a lot of folks for this easter holiday. you'll see rain that could include flooding from oklahoma city to cincinnati. but there is some sunshine to be found today and some warm temperatures. that includes much of the south. one of your warmest days in atlanta with sunshine looking good down in miami as well. how about this, we have some sunshine from spran san fran all the way up to the inner mountain west.
6:15 am
and that's a look at your weather. now here's jenna. >> thanks. coming up on "today" the royal wedding just five days left will prince william acknowledge his mother? we'll find out. trying to stay on track?
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nbc's keir sim mops with the latest. keir, good morning. >> reporter: we've been talking about what a wonderful celebration it's going to be, but now we're learning about how poignant some moments it will be. westminster abbey is of course the place william'ser who's funeral was held. now it is reported he will refer to her during the service in the most moving way. on the day prince william looks to the future, he will be emotionally thinking about the past. 30 years after charles and diana were married it's reported he will talk about his mother in his speech on his own wedding day. my dearer who mother is here i spirit, he is reported to say. perhaps determined to learn lessons from his mother's life in the months ahead it's thought kate and william will take part in just two royal engagements. william hopes to ease his new wife into life as a royal and asking for some privacy in the first two years together.
6:18 am
it won't be easy. for prince william and katherine's wedding will be watched by over a billion people. it's going to be very difficult, isn't it, to put the genie back in the bottle. >> reporter: first, though, the wedding. reports kate has been visiting her hairdresser and experts say the new princess' choice of wedding designer will have a big effect on the fashion world. those behind the scenes are preparing to enjoy the event itself. >> we'll have about 5,000 people deployed on the day. >> reporter: inside the abbey around 80 vips will have dedicated protection officers and as billions watch on it tv the police will be looking more closely than most. this police helicopter with sophisticated camera that is can switch to infrared or focus on individual safety from high above. >> it allows us as we are now at 1,300 feet above the ground and still deliver good quality pictures. >> reporter: these helicopters have already been used to survey
6:19 am
the route. now as the day approaches, they are picking out areas like rooftops, places that are easier to see from up here than they are down there. on a day of celebration, those in charge hope the security operation will not be noted because a day without incidents -- >> they will all be very happy. >> reporter: is the police presence, their perfect wedding. we've been watching all morning as police helicopters continue important work and william, of cour course, working on that important speech. he is said to be rehearsing, determined he will not break down as he talks about his mother. he thinks about her every day. >> and keir, we are hearing news about a possible honeymoon location for william and kate. what do we know about that? >> reporter: that's right. there's some talk about them going to the great barrier reef, perhaps to jordan. there is, of course, speculation, too, they will go
6:20 am
immediately after the wedding not at the queen's place in scotland, her favorite place, frankly. they will want to keep that secret because of those concerns that william has that he tries to keep at least some privacy for him and his wife as they begin their life together. >> not just any couple getting married. keir simmons, thank you. a webcam star is born. we're going to introduce you to the latest internet sensation. depression is a serious medical condition. i feel like i have to wind myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the lack of energy. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about pristiq -- a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain -- serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children, teens, and young adults. pristiq is not approved for children under 18. do not take pristiq with maois.
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still to come on "today," a star football player's wife's arrest. >> first these messages. i'm here because he hangs here.
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it's a little foggy. it's a little misty. it's a little wet. that's oakland, if you don't recognize it. and i'd be surprised if you did, thanks for joining us this morning, i'm garvin thomas, in for kris sanchez and let's check our forecast with rob mayeda. >> so far this morning, it looks like plastic easter eggs would be better than dyed kind. we'll got temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. with the mist, it feels a little sticky with some of the drizzle falling down. you can see we also have high clouds moving over the bay area. that's fairly small weather
6:27 am
system that is providing some extra lift to the low clouds we have this morning. which means you will run into some areas of drizzle or even light rain. i found some of that driving over the sunol grade this morning. so mostly 50s through breakfast time, lunch time. by mid afternoon, i do think we'll see a few extra sunny breaks. highs today running fairly cool. mid to upper 60s today. tomorrow, a little more rain. but the seven-day forecast looks pretty nice. we'll see 70s coming back. so real taste of spring headed our way for tuesday and wednesday. for today, for your morning plans, you'll have to deal with a little bit of drizzle and mist with some clearing as we head towards the afternoon. terrific, rob, thank you very much. san francisco's city attorney is joining the ranks of city leaders speaking out against a new alcohol drink that appears to target teens. the drink is called blast by colt 45. and comes in several fruit flairs. the alcohol content is 12%, that's about the same as wine, and twice that of beer. each can is 23 ounces, almost four times the amount of a an
6:28 am
average glass of wine. the city attorney says the high alcohol content, combined with the sugary taste and combined with the fact that rap star snoop dogg is the spokesman. the attorney generals in 17 states, including california, have signed a letter to pabst brewing company, asking it to stop making the drink. medical marijuana users may not be able to get refills in antioch any more. city leaders will decide whether to temporarily ban medical pot to dispensaries. antioch city council members will consider a 45-day moratorium on tuesday. so the city can take a closer look at its policy. neighboring oakley and brentwood have already banned dispensaries. there's a mystery in redwood city after the discovery of nearly two dozen dead leopard sharks in bayfront lagoons.
6:29 am
while the numbers are cause for concern, they aren't necessarily alarming. according to the experts, die-offs are not uncommon, but still, they're working to identify the problem and relocate any distressed animals. >> there's nothing at all to suggest an oil spill, pollutant spill, sewage, nothing like that. i don't think anything has escaped or leakal. this is animals getting stuck and the water conditions deteriorating. >> leopard sharks seen in the aquarium are common in the area, swimming in groups, although hardy, they are sus sendible to pollution.
6:30 am
and we're back on this sunday morning, april 24th, 2011. it is shaping up to be a nice easter sunday. new york city with temperatures expected in the 70s. we like that. >> we like it a lot. we like it a lot considering what kind of winter it's been and what kind of early spring it's been. look at these people over here. they are so excited for easter they can't stand it anymore. >> we do have a great crowd this morning. we thank them for spending part of this holiday weekend with with us. outside on the plaza i'm carl quintanilla filling in for lester alongside jenna wolfe. and still to come a troubling new development for an nfl player. >> we're talking about brendon
6:31 am
marshall from the miami dolphins recovering from a stab wound and police say it was actually his wife who plunged a kitchen knife into his stomach. she is now under arrest. we'll have much more on this story coming up in our next half hour. a young man who has become a bona fide internet sensation. keenan cahill loves to lip-synch and at 13 he started sharing his music videos with folks around the world. soon he became a phenomenon attracting celebrities and superstars, a great kid. and we're going to meet him. >> he's adorable. he's so cash, like, what's up fifty cent. can you grab me something, i'm thirsty. he's chilling down with everything. and then we have a new approach we're taking this morning to the royal wedding which is now just five days away. it's billed as the event of a decade but some guys aren't too interested and would rather watch the football draft than the wedding ceremony. willie geist has a guy's guide. it's everything men need to know about the wedding.
6:32 am
also, a special easter performance by a violinist. i think you have that. we'll meet her up, too. first, another check of the weather with mike bettes. hey, mike. good morning to you. we have the choir from santa luces high school. tell us about these colorful little guys. where are you? you're back there somewhere. >> they donated $7 million to the japanese relief fund because everyone knows about the tsunami and earthquake. so we donated to that. >> these are great. pillows and teddy bears at the same time. let's get you caught up on your weather today. storms from arkansas, missouri, the ohio valley down through texas. we do have an opportunity for more storms as we go through the afternoon. right into the northeast but a lot of sunshine to the south including atlanta down to miami
6:33 am
and west palm beach. plenty of sunshine across the dakotas and the west as well. and here's a look at san jose, we have some overcast skies this morning and many areas around the bay area seeing some plist and look at that, temperatures 57 mild degrees to start the morning. we've got mostly cloudy skies, that's a weather system that is dropping over the bay area right now. helping to wring out the areas of mist and drizzle underneath some of the clouds. as we go through the day, drizzle and mist for the first half of the day. heading through the afternoon, 60s for highs, a few sunny breaks today. tomorrow, a little more rain and 70s coming back for the middle part of the week. and don't forget 24/7 you can check your forecast at i like the rabbit ears, by the way it's the holiday spirit, isn't it, carl? >> it is. that's the easter bunny, thanks, mike. in florida authorities are investigating the stabbing of a star football player for the miami dolphins. police believe he was attacked about by his wife. nbc's ron mott reports.
6:34 am
all the reports, all the allegations -- >> reporter: after bonding out after south florida jail saturday the wife of nfl star receiver brendan marshall of the miami dolphins said just two words as she weaved around news cameras. excuse me. michi nogami-marshall was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon for alle d allegedly stabbing her husband friday night at their home in the dwated community. reports say brandon morgues was wounded in the abdomen by a kitchen knife. on the field -- >> touchdown, brandon marshall. >> reporter: -- marshall is an elected t electrifying player, leading his team in catches last year, reaping a $50 million contract for his talents. away from the game he's been caught in troubling situations including reported domestic disputes with a previous girl friend though charges were either dropped or never filed n. 2007 while a member of the deny voluntary ver broncos he was
6:35 am
with a teammate at a club when a disturbance unfolded. the teammate was killed in a drive-by shooting. a year later marshall was suspended by the nfl for violating its personal conduct policy. marshall was released from the hospital. his friend and fellow thankful envelope player mike sims-walker tweeted brandon will be okay and is in good spirits. adam schefter of espn adding, should make full recovery in two to three weeks. for "today," ron mott, atlanta. and now here's jenna. carl, thanks. now to a very talented teenager whose lip-synching music videos has made him a youtube wonder. interest his bedroom in illinois, keenan cahill has been hosting what's become one of the most popular internet shows around. some of the biggest names in the music industry and hollywood have made cameos and keenan, who was born with a rare genetic disease, has millions of fans around the world. how lucky are we that keenan cahill will join us right now by skype. good morning. >> morning. >> so glad you're with us today.
6:36 am
i have to tell you, i was up so late last night. i must have watched all of your videos in full. you have a really good knack for this. my question to you is how does someone go from goofing around on a webcam to having millions and millions of people start following you on youtube? how does this whole thing come about? >> you know, one day i put a lip-synching of me lip-synching katy perry "teenage dream" and all of a sudden it got really big and then katy perry actually tweeted it and facebook did and everything. >> keenan, you can't just say it like that. oh, and then katy perry tweeted -- that's really cool and she's just one of a bunch of celebrities that have been following you and reached out to you. can you give me a couple names of some other celebrities that have wanted to be a part of the keenan experience? >> i did a video with fifty
6:37 am
cent. i've done with jennifer aniston. >> a nice list. i understand the san francisco giants are big keenan cahill fans. they have a special night coming up, the ballpark on may 25th where they're going to call the night dynamite and help raise money for very expensive treatment for your condition. tell us how the giants have been involved. >> the manager said he wants to do a video of keenan and also do a game dedicated to him and have a fund-raiser. >> i want to mention you do have a rare genertic disorder called nps-6. can you tell us about what that condition is and how it affects you on a daily basis? >> sometimes kids get -- they're short, a lack of height, they don't grow as fast. they also have problems along the way like i've already had
6:38 am
ten surgeries so far. actual actually one i'm having this summer which is a really big one. but right now i have a thr three-hour thing where i'm sitting with a needle in my arm and it stings but it's supposed to stop me from going on the surgery cable and stop little problems and stuff like that. >> well, keenan, we're so happy that you got up and joined us this morning. we really appreciate it. i don't sing so you won't be lip-synching any of my songs but will you follow me on twitter and i'll follow you and we'll have a social media relationship, will that work with you. >> yes. >> we appreciate it. happy easter and good luck with all up future endeavors. >> thank you. >> keenan cahill, everyone. up next, william and kate. a guy's guide to the royal wedding courtesy of willie geist.
6:39 am
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it's finally here, royal wedding week. just five days away. believe it or not we found a certain group of people not feeling the excitement. >> not us. we are excited. maybe we can get them to change their minds. after all, a few billion people can't be wrong. willie geist, host of msnbc's "way too early." good morning. >> reporter: good afternoon, guys, from a steamy london, i should point out. it's about 80 degrees here this morning. despite all the media attention that this royal wedding is getting back in america, it seems a lot of guys are either
6:43 am
not up to speed or downright unaware that will and kate are getting married here in a few days. what i did was put together some cliff notes for the guys and i did it in terms that only guys would understand. it's the most anticipated matchup of the year. billions will watch around the world, bigger than the yankees and red sox, more historic even than the packers and steelers. it's kate and william. all right, fellows, are you excited for the big wedding? >> not really. >> reporter: have you heard about any weddings coming up here soon? >> yeah, one of the princes in england. >> reporter: anything involving a royal family perhaps hosting a wedding? >> is it from the u.s. or britain? >> reporter: not from the u.s. royal family, no. who is getting married? >> what's her name? kate winslet? >> reporter: when it comes to the royal wedding it seems we guys have not been doing our homework. let me walk you through some photographs. maybe it will jog your memory.
6:44 am
tell me who these people are. don't know who that is? i'll give you a hint, she is very important to the wedding. >> one of the bridesmaids? >> reporter: not the one who is getting married, do you know her name? >> sophia, i think it is. >> reporter: princess sophia. >> princess sophia. >> reporter: do you know his that i am? >> no. that's the father. >> reporter: do you know his name? who is this? >> prince. everybody knows prince. >> reporter: many of you tuned out the wedding of the secentur. >> you have kate, a bride, a dress, the romance and a prince. really none of these things actually appeal to men. >> reporter: never fear, men, there's still time to learn the players and the game. and to help you we present the guy's guide to the royal wedding. starting at bride-to-be kate middleton out of the university of st. andrews, once a small time commoner, she caught his eye at a fashion show while wearing this --
6:45 am
prince william, the heir to the throne, known in the british press as will. he served as a rescue pilot with the royal air force. he proposed to kate while on safari in kenya. if you're like me, you probably did not. best man prince harry will line up in the backfield alongside pippa, kate's little sister. thunder and lightning duo saw their stock rise in the eyes of scouts by throwing impressive bachelor and bachelorette parties. and coming off the bench the next king of england, prince charles and the reigning monarch herself, queen elizabeth ii. the veterans of this offensive unit, prefer not to speak to them unless spoken to. destiny, now days away, but still time for you guys to impress your princess. >> if you want to score some brownie points, sit there looking interested and if at all
6:46 am
possible get a just at the time she says i do. >> good advice. now time to load up on beer and buffalo wings for those rowdy royal wedding parties. do you think you'll be watching the big wedding on friday? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: get some drinks and snacks for the family? >> a couple guys coming over. watching the prince get married. ♪ this will be an ever lasting love sthoet ♪ >> reporter: i want to go to that guy's royal wedding party. and it turns out fellows may need some help. there's a poll that showed only 6% of men are watching closely. i hope that guide helps. carl and jenna. >> willie, i'm wondering if you did the guide out of necessity or out of -- i mean, did you need -- i mean, are you as ignorant as some of those guys were on the street? >> reporter: carl, i've been doing my research at least for the last 24 hours so i'm an expert as of yesterday.
6:47 am
yes, i was ignorant when i shot the piece. >> if she answers to sophia, we have to do the whole thing. >> willie geist, thank you so much. >> reporter: he was very certain that the king and queen of spain were getting married. >> or at least prince the singer but one of all of them -- somebody getting married. let's put it that way. >> reporter: that's right. >> and we should remind you our live coverage begins this friday at 4:00 a.m. eastern right here on "today." i was excited to hear that music. as if i were getting married. >> one day. just ahead the music of man swift. i'm pretty serious about saving for retirement and all my investments, but it's not something that i want to do completely on my own -- i like to discuss my ideas with someone. that's what i like about fidelity. they talked with me one on one, so we could come up with a plan that's right for me, and they worked with me to help me stay on track -- or sometimes, help me get on an even better one. woman: there you go, brian. thanks, guys. man: see ya.
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your ears. a name as one of the most versatile and talented violinists in the world is joining us today. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> you have a very interesting story. you wanted to do this from an early age. was it 10 years old? >> actually it was 6. it was 4 but i departmeidn't ha violin. >> were you playing at that early age? >> when i was 4 i wanted to be a violinist and i went around telling everyone i would. it took a while for my parents to get one for me. i actually started at 6. >> jazz music was a big part of your family growing up. >> it was that and a lot of classical as well. >> how would you describe your sound? it's an interesting sound. it's not your regular classic violin. >> no, it's not. i'm really into folk music and into jazz and classical, so i call it kind of deep, dark soul. >> okay. and it's an interesting instrument because it's sort of
6:51 am
attached to your body. >> it is. it's next to my head and sing and it looks really cool. >> it does look cool and you can have two seats next to a plane or subway because no one will want to sit next to you. is it the same sound? >> it's an electric violin and it doesn't sound so much like an acoustic violin but has similarities as well. >> okay. can we hear a little bit? i understand you're going to play something new? >> it's seminew, a little thing that i like to do. >> a little something-something she likes to do on her own. i'm sure it will be great. masz swi mazz swift take it away. thank you very much. ♪
6:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:54 am
mazz swift. thank you very much. [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on foreign oil. ♪ this is why we at nissan built a car inspired by zero. because zero is worth everything. the zero gas, 100% electric nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all. - oh, we miss you, honey. - i'll be home soon.
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we want to check back in with david gregory for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." good morning, david. coming up we'll be joined by senator john mccain live from cairo this morning after his
6:57 am
visit to the libyan rebel headquarters in benghazi and then two of the top budget negotiators in the senate, kent conrad and senator tomorrow coburn of oklahoma. and our political roundtable all coming up this morning on "meet the press." david, thank you very much. that's going to do it for us on this sunday morning. jeff, thank you. >> i had a great time. >> mike, happy easter. and carl quintanilla. did you have fun? >> i did. i liked listening to the na national anthem. >> a good group of guys right here. >> have a great easter.
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